Cash On Delivery

A member of the Obsessed Beauty team will contact you to confirm your order. Once confirmation is made, we’ll dispatch your delivery. You’ll then make your payment in cash at your door during the drop-off of your package.
*Please note, you can only open your package once the full payment in cash is made to the courier.

Cash On Delivery Terms: It is your responsibility to ensure payment in local currency cash at the time of product drop-off at your delivery address. Cheques, P.O., Demand Draft, Credit/Debit card, or any other form of payment (besides cash) will not be accepted. Once your order has been sent for delivery with the Cash On Delivery option by a member of the Obsessed Beauty team, the method of payment can not be changed. Only cash payments can be made. If you’re unable to produce the required cash payment in full at the time of drop-off at your delivery address, the delivery will not be made and the package will be returned to Obsessed Beauty. Obsessed Beauty reserves the right to charge additional delivery charges upon your next order and/or refuse you the Cash On Delivery payment method/delivery option as deemed by the Obsessed Beauty team.


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